Daily Gate City


The Daily Gate City

Since 1847, the Keokuk Daily Gate City has covered news about the Keokuk, Iowa area. The newspaper was started by Robert B. Ogden and his brother John, who were originally from Ohio. Their brother suggested that they migrate to Iowa and open a newspaper business. John also proposed that they start a real estate business in Keosauqua. This is how the daily gate city was born. It is still widely read today.

In 1899, the newspaper underwent a major remodel. The design included a new flag, a new daily process color, and different headline type styles. Eventually, the daily gate city had grown into a regional newspaper. In 1922, it merged with the Keokuk Constitution-Democrat. In 1940, it became the Keokuk Daily Gate City and the Constitution-Democrat. It continued publishing under that name until 1957.

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