Chrome themes are available in the Chrome Web Store


Chrome Themes

Chrome themes are available in the Chrome Web Store. There are many themes to choose from. We’ve written about Just Black, Midnight Train Dark Blue, Steam Powered, and Iron Man – Material Design. You’re sure to find one you like. Or, you can try one of these themes made by an Instagram user named @heyashleyg.

Just Black

If you like the just-black look, but don’t want to be limited to one color, there are several other options for you. Night Light is a funky theme with cute artwork and purple detailing. It looks great on any webpage. Snowy Branches is another great theme with pastels and light colors.

If you’re looking for something a little darker than the dark mode design built into Chrome, then you’ll want to download the Just Black chrome theme. This theme uses the accent color you set in your Colors panel to make the title bar darker than the rest of the interface. You can also try out other themes that are available on the Chrome Web Store.

Midnight Train Dark Blue

If you’re looking for a unique theme for your Google Chrome browser, Midnight Train Dark Blue may be just the thing. This theme features a railway track wallpaper with a deep blue bookmarks bar. It even changes your browser’s color to match the wallpaper. If you love the look of trains and are bored with your current browser’s colors, this theme is the perfect choice.

Midnight Train Dark Blue comes from the same developer who created the Dragon Ball Z Shenron theme. The image is comprised of many different shots taken by the developer’s father. While this theme has beautiful images, it makes it difficult to see text on open tabs. However, bookmarks are easier to read because the imagery is grayed out underneath them. Midnight Train is a stylish theme with a peaceful atmosphere.

Iron Man – Material Design

If you love comic books and the superhero Iron Man, then you will love the new Iron Man – Material Design Chrome theme. With a minimalist color scheme and simple, yet striking artwork, this theme is perfect for any superhero lover. Unlike other superhero themes, this one isn’t distracting or noisy. It also isn’t based on a constellation.

Iron Man fans will appreciate this theme, which features the artwork from the movie, Iron Man. It also includes a bluish red gradient across your tabs. You can also opt for a non-aero raindrops theme, which simulates raindrops on a car’s windshield.

Steam Powered

Steam Powered Chrome themes can be a great way to set the mood for your web browsing. Night Sky features a night sky over the Saharan dunes, which was created by the developer using multiple photographs taken by his father. However, the dark theme can make it difficult to read the text of open tabs. Fortunately, the theme has a feature that makes it easy to read bookmarks. It also features atmospheric and stylish images that will enhance your browsing experience.

Steam Powered resembles the look and feel of the Steam client, including the Steam logo in the top left corner. There’s also a 4K version of the theme for high-resolution monitors. The theme also extends to bookmarks and tabs, so navigation will be seamless. While Steam Powered is a great choice for fans of the popular game-publishing service, users should be aware that it requires a user to download it from the Chrome Web Store and remove any existing extensions before using it.


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